House Lockout: List of Tools to Use for House Lockout if Keys are Not Available

Knowing how to open a house lockout door without a key is a good little trick that can be used many times in your life. For example, suppose you’ve been locked out of your room because you lost your key or because the key was broken. Now, what should you do? This is just one of the major scenarios to help you over-know how to open a house lockout door just without any key.

In addition to being a great skill to acquire, you will learn something meaningful that can lead to small exclusions in the home and office.

List of Tools to Use for House Lockout if Keys are Not Available

Using a screwdriver

A screwdriver is a great tool that you can use if you want to open a lockout door of the house. It is commonly used on various items around your home. Flathead screwdrivers work best on the interior doors and private handles because the flat end easily fits into the key or door frame.

If you use a door with a knob lock, a screwdriver is ideal for this job. However, it is great to use a very thin screwdriver for fitting the handle over the outside.

First, use a screwdriver to press the button on the door handle and bend firmly. If you are locked from outside, look for the small hole into the house lockout door handle, and then you have to turn it until it filly covers up the hole and opens the house locked door.

·       Using a butter knife

If you are unable to know how to open the house lockout door, then using the screwdriver is something that can help. You probably had no idea that a butter knife could be used to open your door.

Your butter knife is a useful and an extra practical tool. It is best to use a piece of a blunt knife. However, always remember to secure your home.

Place your knife in the middle of the house lockout keyhole. If the lock is in the state of pin lock, you should place the blade on the lock until it goes. With one hand, push enough over the door handle and move it left and right while rotating the knife around the keyhole.

When you hear a click, the knife relaxes a little. Then place the knife between the house door frame and the striker plate. Slide your knife until you reach the latch.

·       Select a card

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You no longer have to worry about forgetting your house lockout keys. You are free to use the screwdriver tool. This makes the screwdriver one of the easiest lockout tools for the house that you can have at home. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can still use a butter knife or card.

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