Do you do commercial work?

When people think of locksmiths, they might first think of their house or apartment. While this does encompass a large portion of our business, we also provide services to businesses. Why should you hire us for your business? For most people, work is your home away from home. You spend a significant amount of time there. Feeling safe and comfortable is vital to your work success. Your business has a property and sensitive information that you want to protect. You may not even realize how much tools, machines, and computers could cost if there was a burglary.

Whether it is a retail store, manufacturing plant, office or another type of business, you should protect all your valuable equipment. You will also want to protect any employees from unsafe situations. Maybe the neighborhood has changed or you notice that people are lurking around at night. The importance of your safety cannot be stressed enough. Previous employees leave a risk as well. You may want to change the locks so there’s no risk of them accessing your property, or you could decide to add a gate lock to protect the property at night.

For many, their business is their most prized possession. A locking problem can result in immediate losses and halt business as usual. Our company can work fast and efficiently to keep your doors open. Being open every day and all day long allows us to fix your locks during any situation. We strive to serve you to your utmost expectations. We have several locks that can serve businesses well. Most businesses have many parts of the operation that require protection. These could require to be entry gate locks, high-security locks or storefront locks.

We often do security upgrades and break-in repairs. We also repair locks and security keys. When necessary, we can put on decorative locks. If you are storing money at your business, we offer safe deposit boxes. We can set up master locks for your business. Finally, we have sliding door locks to install. All of these options can help secure your business.

We understand that in the business world, time is money. Having one of your employees put on new locks wastes time that they could be spending on valuable tasks. It’s a waste of your money and resources, and we can allow you to focus on what is most important. You want to keep your operation up and running. You also want competitive pricing for any work. Our company understands this and is happy to assist. We are incredibly reliable and can solve your problems.

There’s no reason to use lackluster locks to protect your business or to leave certain areas unsecured. We can make sure every part of your business has the best possible protection.